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Systematising the invisible. Individualising the visible.

The second-generation family business based in Bielefeld has grown strongly in recent years. With over 12,000 employees and a turnover of over 6.7 billion euros1, GOLDBECK is one of the leading construction companies in Europe. Number 3 in Germany2. The problem: no visibility as a brand. The brand appearance is fragmented into many different customised solutions. It no longer does justice to the claim “Building Excellence”.

1. Consistency: To be recognisable throughout Europe as ONE GOLDBECK, across all media and channels, in order to increases communicative efficiency.
2. Differentiation: Bringing the uniqueness of the GOLDBECK idea to life through design: Building excellence thanks to serial construction, innovative technologies, planning, construction and service from a single source
3. Modernisation: Simplify and make application more flexible. Becoming future-proof and attractive to new talent.

- Simplification of the logo by focussing on the word mark, use of the picture mark on another level 
as a ”seal of quality“ and as a sign of identification with the brand.
- Clear colour scheme: an activating blue as the brand colour. Supplemented by ”carbon“ for boldness and white for freshness. Enhanced by warm gold and technical-looking aluminium.
- A typeface full of character that combines legibility with lightness.
- The “serial design principle” that generates consistency and brand typicity across all channels and media.

1 Financial year 2022/23
2 Hauptverband der Deutschen Bauindustrie e.V., 2023; Liste der 50 größten deutschen Bauunternehmen in 2022

Projects: Brand Design / Online Guidelines / Publications / UI Design / Employer Branding // JvM Creators: Positioning, HR-Campaign, Literature

Evolution instead of revolution: focus on the word mark for more clarity, optimised in detail. Blue stands for GOLDBECK themes such as innovation, technology and sustainability. Complemented by carbon, white, gold and aluminium.


The picture mark remains a strong symbol of identification with the brand and also takes on the significance of a seal of quality.

GOLDBECK Next as a brand typeface. Clear lines with geometric elegance and the slightly technical character combine legibility with lightness. Serial design conveys the speciality of GOLDBECK - e.g. via the „serial patterns“.

Glashüttenstraße 38
20357 Hamburg
Fon +49 040 4321 2127

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