JvM x ORA by Great Wall Motors

A brand like a friend

ORA is a fully electric car brand from Asia. For their European launch in 2022 the company changed its marketing strategy in order to be perceived as an attractive mobility alternative to a so far unknown audience.

 ORA introduces a new era of mobility to technophile Europeans: highly intelligent, truly comfortable, with best-in-class safety and in a beautiful retro design. We put emphasis on a purposeful and truly distinctive brand positioning and design to gain momentum for the unknown car brand. After all, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

The ORA brand is all about friendship and emotion. And as every relationship is based on communication, the star of the new brand appearance is a funky custom-made typeface that can address a wide range of target groups. The ORA Funky font is the key brand identifier and style-defining tool for all media and can be staged within the design in an artful and illustrative way.

The ORA logo was optimized for the European market: reduced, flattened and flexible in usage. Colours derived from the paint schemes of the cars in combination with energetic imagery,portraying the special relationship between the car and its drivers create emotion. The overall design system is flexible and fluide and visually links images, car and communication to strenghten the overall brand idea.

Services: Brand- & Launch Strategy / Logo Redesign / Brand Design / Font Design / GUI-Kit /  Manuals / Tone-of-Voice

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