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SIXT: Keeping an icon iconic
Building on its legacy as one of the best-known mobility brands, the new brand design paves the way to the modern age. The SIXT brand becomes more digital and attractive to a new and diverse target group. It is now more focused, yet more colorful and differentiable in terms of its product portfolio, but remains unmistakably SIXT.

Smart: Designed for a smarter future.
In redesigning the smart brand for a new generation and mobility era, we homed in on the futuristic tech, premium quality and sense of high-spirited fun that defines the new smart #1.

makerist: Arte blanche.
With its huge catalog of the most diverse products and crafting guidelines, makerist is your blank canvas for bringing creative ideas to life. Feel inspired to give your imagination free rein and take up a creative challenge.

bofrost: A refresh after 20 years on ice.
Thanks to a whole new brand design and experience spanning a fresh logo, catalogs, vehicles, packaging as well as a web shop and digital app, frozen foods producer bofrost is now about thinking outside the icebox. Today, grandma’s favorite is the darling of the creative home chef.

bofrost: A refresh after 20 years on ice.
Thanks to a whole new brand design and experience spanning a fresh logo, catalogs, vehicles, packaging as well as a web shop and digital app, frozen foods producer bofrost is now about thinking outside the icebox. Today, grandma’s favorite is the darling of the creative home chef.

ORA by Great Wall Motors: Your new friend in town
After years of engineering, designing and refining, GWM will bring highly intelligent and born-electric mobility brand ORA to Europe. With the launch of ORAs Funky Cat in 2022, ORA introduces a new era of mobility to technophile Europeans. As “A brand like a friend“, ORA is dedicated to enrich customer’s lives.

netto_1 netto_1-2

Netto: Getting a brand in shop shape.
By simplifying and paring back the discount supermarket brand to a handful of crisp, key elements, we opened up a whole new world of grocery shopping, so customers can bargain for more with a free mind.

porta: A wordmark that’s furniture in motion.
Sure, “contemporary” and “digital” get bandied around a lot, but we really put them into action for furniture retailer porta. A long-overdue brand overhaul brings furniture home to customers again.

Berlin: Bear in mind.
As part of a fresh, participative brand strategy and expression of the German capital’s newfound attitude to residents, we dusted off Berlin’s bear—the city’s much-loved symbol and rallying point—giving it an updated look. In a word, we repositioned it from inward-looking and exclusive to outward-looking and inclusive. Our big idea? A striking design that serves as a flexible, modular framework for personal stories about unique people. Now that’s Berlin, big time.

gamescom - seriously!
It has grown to much more than a bunch of nerds playing around in windowless rooms. Gaming is THE global pop culture phenomenon and the gamescom is its home. A new and sophisticated brand platform and strategy. The new design system is reduced to the max. Black and white instead of multicolored, outlines instead of spaces. It sets the perfect stage for the colorful world of gaming and everyone involved - gamers, publishers and global brands alike. 

huut: Original skin.
huut means “skin” in Swiss German. Based on a distinctive philosophy, the company makes a full range of skincare products with a special Swiss something catering specifically to the needs of today’s youth. And who can resist getting skin savvy in this compellingly colorful, cheerful fun world?


HSE: Here shopping entertains.
With a distinct, self-assured and above all digital rebranding of traditional home shopping channel HSE24 as HSE, we spotlight the company as a multichannel e-commerce enterprise offering a unique blend of shopping and entertainment. By systematically harnessing a limited number of brand elements and inspiring content, we created a seamless brand experience across all channels.

TUI: Every smile is a masterpiece. This is ours.
Even 20 years later, we’re still proud of having created a logo that so perfectly encapsulates both the brand name and the happy feelings it evokes. It’ll turn your frown upside down. Over time, we have continued to evolve the bespoke branding approach that sets TUI apart, without sacrificing what makes it so iconic. Ready to discover your smile?

Westfalen AG: The one with the horse
“We make progress sustainable” – this is the central message of the new mission statement. The goals of the brand design: Get clearer – focus on the horse and red. Jump further – create expression possibilities for digital media. Think sustainably – make the transition from old to new efficient.


Die Techniker: The image of health.
We updated the brand identity of top German statutory health insurer, Techniker Krankenkasse, transforming it into Die Techniker. With its streamlined logo, TK is the image of health.


ShareNow: Start your urban journey. 
With its simple, customized solutions, ShareNow carsharing is freedom of movement and self-determination in an app. Our design work was driven by the same striving for tomorrow’s urban mobility.

Meyer Burger: Be ready to shine.
Meyer Burger boldly combines tradition and cutting-edge technology to create unique photovoltaic systems that are sustainably manufactured in Germany. Thanks to the Jung von Matt Berlin and Hamburg offices, the brand design, strategy, design and campaign keep the local spirit alive.


An iconic star shines brighter.
The best or nothing. Enough said.

Wintershall Dea: Minds of engineers. Pioneers at heart.
How to balance our need for energy with Earth’s imperatives? In pursuing its clear goals to serve both people and the planet, newly merged Wintershall Dea is rising to the challenge while staying humble within the heavy industry sector. We gave it a low-key look to match its ambitions.


KWS: Seeding the future.
It’s no small responsibility revitalizing a seed propagation and distribution brand that has served as a trusted partner to generations of farmers around the world. We made sure the supplier whose deep agricultural knowledge produces top-quality seeds stays evergreen. Want to see the origins of a bumper crop? Get off the train at the Salzderhelden stop. You won’t regret it.


FWU: A different kind of life insurer.
FWU—reinterpreted as “forward for you”—is an independent, family-managed insurance provider designing financial products especially for … you, who else?


Schuberth: Protect your head. Free your mind. 
Industrial workers, police officers, firefighters and naturally motorcyclists trust German company Schuberth, one of the world’s leading helmet manufacturers. But how to create a new face for a brand that has found its way onto so many heads and into so many hearts? We not only leveraged a strong concept and the company’s shared values but also created something to drive business growth and convey Schuberth’s leadership aspiration in visual form.

innogy: Energy for the brave.
innogy came into being as a decentralized renewable energy business. Conceived as a digital-first, contemporary brand, it promised a brave—and better—new world for employees and consumers. But it was not to be. The company was acquired by another energy giant. We still hold on to its brief shining moment.


Douglas: Do it for you.
Our brand redesign for cosmetics retailer Douglas was more than just skin-deep. It also encompassed a new positioning (modern beauty) and tone of voice. Encapsulated by the new slogan “Do it for you,” the experts at Jung van Matt rolled out this new understanding of beauty throughout Europe over a matter of months. As for the new logo, that was created elsewhere.


bonprix: It´ s me!
In line with fashion retailer bonprix’s new, forward-looking strategic positioning, we took a digital-first approach to fine-tuning the current brand design. The result? Corporate design recedes into the wings, letting fashion content, imagery and communications take center stage. Enter the flexibility to accommodate current trends and seasonal styles.

TCC: The Creative Club
Designed to empower people to bring creative ideas to life, the TCC online platform is one of Europe’s most ambitious. If there was ever a brand deserving a strong identity, this is it. We do justice to a club that cultivates shared knowledge, community, participation, inspiration, collaboration and cool. Who wouldn’t want in?


GATOR: It’s only living space if you breathe life into it.
A family-owned real estate company based in Hamburg, Gator creates living spaces and environments for personal growth.

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